DVD/ Hitlers Berlin 3D - Der Wilhelmplatz

DVD/ Hitlers Berlin 3D - Der Wilhelmplatz

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The Wilhelmplatz represented the political centre of the German Empire until 1945. Although it has vanished from Berlin ’s city view today, it is still a symbol for the national-socialist terror reign. This documentation portrays how the old Wilhelmplatz, characterised by Schinkel, was converted to a deployment plaza in 1936. The direct comparison of old and new, demonstrates how the Wilhelmplatz became a stage for Adolf Hitler’s big events due to its national-socialist re-construction.

Director: Christoph Neubauer
Studio: Flashback Medienverlag
Running Time: ca. 40 min
Language: English/German
Format: PAL
Region: 0 (all)

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